wir planen Anfang 2019 unseren nächsten Wurf mit Haldis von der Kaiserbuche

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Zora will be mated the next time in Spring 2019


If you are interested in a puppy please get in contact with us early or give us a call: 


Labrador von der Kaiserbuche

Welcome to our Kennel


We like working with dogs, hunting, going to workingtest, coldgames and so on, so we prefere Labradors out of Engish Fieldtrial Lines.

We try to combine health, working attitude and appearance.


We are Member of the ÖRC ( Austrian Retriever Associassion) die ÖKV ( Austrian Cynological assosiation) and the FCI ( Federation Cynologique International)


L-  litter  2017

It will be the first litter of Zora.



In 2016 Deelijah von der Kaiserbuche was mated with E.T. Hunter vom Heverser Hoff.

On 29.8.2016 she has got 7 puppies. 5 dogs and 2 bitches . All black.

  One of the bitches we will keep.



J- Litter

In 2015 Deelijah von der Kaiserbuche  was mated with DKBRCH Thirsgaards Tjegge .

On the 19.th July 2015 she has got 6 puppies.

Males: 2 black, 3 yellow, 

female: 1 black

Deelijah " Kess" von der Kaiserbuche          DKBRCH Thirsgaards Tjegge

           gew. 2009                                           gew.2008



In mai 2014 Deelijah was matet with Sturmius vom Waldschratt


She has got 8 puppies.

Male : 4 yellow.

Female: 3 Jellow, 1 black.

They all developed very nice and have found very nice places.



H- Litter

In april 2013 "Kess "-Deelijah von der Kaiserbuche was mated  with

  DKJCH,DKBRCH Lochiness Green Chive. A danish working champion.

Mail: . u.heinerman@yahoo.de

Phone: 0043  (0)6219 7721  or mobil:  0043 (0)650 2195717

All puppies develope excellent and have a really good working attitude.

Deelijah was mated with DKJCH,DKBRCH Lochiness Green Chive on 18.2.2013

DKJCH ,DKBRCH Lochiness Green Chive

born/sort: 24.march. 2007



(FTW Garronpoint Ross of Drakeshead -  Greenbriar Beret)






ED: 00

PRC: free

prcd-Optigen: free for parents

EIC: clear

CNM: clear.



danisch working champion

more information on the homepage : www.lochiness.dk

Pedigree: www.k9data.com/pedigree.asp?ID=373332 - 


breeder and owner : Kirsten Lynge and Keld Jorgensen.

Deelijah von der Kaiserbuche "Kess"

born: 4.2.2009


(IntFTCH Chairman of Dukefild - Yellow Stars Sweetheart`s Fizz)




OCD: 0

PRA: frei

prcd.OPtigen : Clear for parents


Btr. : 1 pr.  in 25 sec.

BLP: winner

VGP: winner

WT:  E,L,M 



Breeder and owner: Dr.Peter Michael und Ursula Heinerman