wir planen Ende 2018 unseren nächsten Wurf mit Haldis von der Kaiserbuche

Bei Interesse nehmen sie bitte rechtzeitig Kontakt mit uns auf. Wir nehmen Sie gerne in unsere Welpeninterssentenliste auf



Zora will be mated the next time in 2018 .


If you are interested in a puppy please get in contact with us early or give us a call: 



Litter with Deelijah "Kess" von der Kaiserbuche


J-Litter 2015

Our litter is born on the 19.july 2015

Kess was mated on the 24 th mai 2015 with DKBRCH Thirsgaards Tjegge a danish working champion.

We have got 6 puppies

3 male : 2 black and 3 yellow and

1 femal black.


I-Litter 2014

Our I-Litter is here.

"Kess" Deelijah von der Kaiserbuche ( BLP, Btr. Winner; VGP:winner, WT:E,L;M) was mated with Sturmius vom Waldschratt.( BLP,RBPr.4; VGP,WT.E) More information about the stutdog you will find on his homepage.


We have got 8 Puppies:

4 Male yellow

4 bitches : 3 yellow, 1 black.

H-Litter 2013

Deelijah " Kess" was mated 2013 with DKBRCH, DKJCH Lochiness Green Chive

for more information klick here:


G-Litter 2012

Deelijah" Kess" von der Kaiserbuche  was mated 2012 with Woodquarters Gundog´s Anik

for more information klick here


Litter with Yellow Stars Sweetheart`s Fizz "Laska"


Litter with Daisy von der Schrankenstätte " Isis"

A- litter : Isis mated with Apozzo vom Heinrichsbründl  1998


B-litter : Isis mated with  Campell vom Heinrichsbründl  2000